Australia on the 24th, China in March, Space Shuttle Launch in April?

STS 134- T-minus a couple months and counting…

Okay.  I admit it.  Heck, I even celebrate it.  I am a huge nerd sometimes. Nerd enough to be sitting here bemoaning the fact that there are but three more shuttle launches left and I have yet to observe one in person.  The very next one is in ten days in Florida- a day launch of STS 133.  On that day, I’m supposed to be heading off to Oz with Frosty so no dice on that one.

The next launch is STS 134- a night launch in April. I SO want to go!  I MUST go!  Initially, I thought this was the final shuttle launch but it turns out that it’s the second to last one.  But it’s the final NIGHT launch!  How nerd-tastic would that be?  Even better:  a couple of my friends might have a hookup for some tickets!


China is locked and loaded with Samira in March/April and it’s a surreal thing to type that we’re actually going.  Now I just have a mile-long checklist for the next couple of days as I get the stuff together for my Chinese visa (which I think I will wait until right before the trip to get) and travel insurance options.  This will be my first visa for foreign travel. How cool is that?


I’m supposed to leave for Australia with Frosty in a mere nine days, which is why I’m holding off on the Chinese visa.  It’s summer there, thank heavens, and we are going to have an AWESOME time.  Time to dust off the old backpack and I’ve already started working on tolerating the weight-toting demands of backpacker life by adding a bunch of weight to my favorite backpack and bringing it with me pretty much everywhere.  G’day Australia!


SOOooo… in preparation for hardcore backpacking, Chinese squatty potties, and life in general, I’m starting to work out and very carefully manage food (instead of looser management over the last week) again.  Hopefully I’m all set for China by the time we go!  Working out starts today. RA!

Make it a great day!

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