What I’m Working On…

Patents:  Finally submitted a provisional patent to the USPTO after years of not doing so.  RA!

Technology Projects: Deciding which of my two favorite projects I’ll work on for my entrepreneur class and, eventually, launch. They are in two widely different fields that both tap into my passions.

Books:  Have a few ideas- one on women in leadership, one sports-related (it makes sense when I tell you about it- promise).  I quit writing the fiction book on which I was working so diligently.  It was actually good but the terrorism plot in the book was entirely so easily doable that I did not feel like I could take the risk of putting it out there then feel horrible when it was -inevitably- carried out.

Forgiveness and Letting the Past Go:  As it turns out, the stuff you hold against others (rightly or wrongly so) does not hurt them. It does, however, take up a whole lot of mental energy and suck up a lot of positive energy.  So I have been trying to reach out, make amends, and make friends with people who I would once have described as nemeses. Especially those who I should not have been so angry at in the first place.  Fun fact: it feels great!

Gratitude: As it turns out, difficulties in my life have shown me how many wonderful things and opportunities are out there for me in DC and beyond.  I am feeling more gratitude than I’ve felt in a long, long time.

Diet:  Even with all of the stress and all, I have not cheated on my diet. Proof that miracles still exist!

Make it an awesome day!




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