About Kat

Kat is a woman, mid-30′s, outgoing and enthusiastic. An avid traveler, writer, photographer, and now entrepreneur and inventor, Kat enjoys learning and growing and making good things happen.  ENTPs are the inventors and entrepreneurs of the world, and she decided it was finally time to trot out those multi-faceted gifts.

After over ten years of life in the Corporate World at startups to Big Giant Conglomerates, Kat had some great ideas and the chance to give them a whirl to see how they develop. Is she excited? Of course! Is she terrified? Of course!  Is she daunted? Nah!  Buckeyes always triumph!

As she wanders through this journey of life, she’s looking for great experiences and stories to add to her humble meanderings.  The good news is that she can fit in anywhere and is comfortable from the farm to the ballroom so, all considered, a great companion should you find yourself seeking company for that next Embassy Ball, county fair, movie, polo match, Broadway show, baseball game, promenade, balloon ride, picnic or set of pit passes.

For the record, some of her bucket list items are:

  • Attending Space Camp
  • Taking a Fighter Jet ride a la Top Gun (or a la Bill Engvall- whatever gets me up there!)
  • Being a guest on Oprah DONE!
  • Visiting my last six US states (Maine, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Alabama, Alaska)
  • Publishing a best-selling book
  • Attending a White House dinner
  • Changing the world for the better
  • Meeting Ben Stein, my role model, who refused to be only one thing but, instead, many of the things he is
  • Eating at the restaurant in Cinderella’s castle
  • Getting my pilot’s license
  • Doing the whole “Groundhog Day in Punxatawney, PA” thing
  • Have an incredibly decadent bath tub
  • … and that’s enough for now

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