The Shocking Goal

Anybody else a runner? Apparently, I am.  Or will be soon. I’m not sure why but, if it kills me, I’m doing the Army Ten Miler here in DC next year. Luckily, the worst case scenario is that you end up walking it but I want to run at least most of it. After seeing […]


I didn’t think my body would be any different after only a couple weeks of eating changes.  I was wrong. As part of cheat day, I tossed back some M&M’s.  Not an inappropriate quantity.  They were delicious!! Then I drank a large glass of tea, which is normal (with no-calorie sweetener, of course).  Before I […]

Wow. Here We Go to China?!?! Woo Hoo!!

I’m leaving the house in 5 hours and still working on finalizing packing.  Oddly, clothes are the least of it.  I have about five different power cords that I need to take with me… or choose to.  Whichever. It’s a lot of stuff.)  No, I don’t think I’ll sleep much tonight but that actually works […]

Australia on the 24th, China in March, Space Shuttle Launch in April?

STS 134- T-minus a couple months and counting… Okay.  I admit it.  Heck, I even celebrate it.  I am a huge nerd sometimes. Nerd enough to be sitting here bemoaning the fact that there are but three more shuttle launches left and I have yet to observe one in person.  The very next one is […]

Ra-leigh, N-C! (and Other Stuff)

Mystery Destination Revealed The mystery destination was Raleigh, NC. I just popped down for a few days to visit my cousin, get prepped for the Women Entrepreneur’s Festival in NYC, and to work on my screenplay. Carrboro, Actually Technically, we are in Carrboro which is a lot like the Short North for the reference of […]