Busy Girl

Wow… almost eight weeks in already?!?! Time flies!! So, how’s it going? I’m settling in and feeling at home quite a bit already. The Metro and I are fast friends- for all its problems (and there are many) it’s so much easier and cheaper than driving in DC.  The issues with it contribute to great […]

Gratitude and Next Steps

One of my Facebook friends asked what we were thankful for and I said said, more or less, the below, My cup runneth over- for wonderful family, amazing friends, so many different kinds of love, great health, much hope, good will, a positive outlook, being “an honest puck with unearn’ed luck”, laughter and wit, incredibly […]

I Love LA (I LOVE IT!)… But Not of the Reasons That Brought Me Here…

Ah… friends… Ever have one of those weird/fun/sad trips? Yeah, that’s me right now. Hopped on a plane to LAX and had a really funny, smart seat mate and we gabbed our way to LA which was a great way to start a trip!  Hopefully he comes through with the two invites to his upcoming […]