The Oz Report: Part Second

Perhaps the coolest part of our visit to Australia was seeing Featherdale Wildlife Park outside of Sydney. It’s sort of a zoo and sort of a petting zoo, and easily visited using a convenient train and bus trip from even the most downtown of Sydney addresses.  As with everything in Oz, it’s a bit spendy […]

Australia on the 24th, China in March, Space Shuttle Launch in April?

STS 134- T-minus a couple months and counting… Okay.  I admit it.  Heck, I even celebrate it.  I am a huge nerd sometimes. Nerd enough to be sitting here bemoaning the fact that there are but three more shuttle launches left and I have yet to observe one in person.  The very next one is […]

Julie’s Job Was the Toughest on the Love Boat

Planning Travel for Dad and I I have been acquiring airline tickets, pricing car rentals, and Pricelining hotels for this trip to Florida and it’s stressful!  Geez but you hope that everything goes well, the car is nice, and the hotels are pleasant in good areas of town. Priceline is pretty awesome and I’ve had […]

Can it be? Australia, New Zealand and Africa in One Trip?

Holy cow… this is exciting! Assuming our preliminary plans work out, we’re heading to Australia, New Zealand and Africa from about 20 February to 7 March.  Can you say “epic potential”? I knew you could!  I am so going to have to start posting pictures!! If all goes as planned… 20-23 Jan: London 23-27 Jan: […]