DC, My Old Friend Dressed in Holiday Finery…

By now, it’s pretty clear that I love DC.  As much as I love it in general, DC is even more striking when twinkling with lights,  bedecked with festive ribbons and pine boughs, and sparkling with silver and gold. During this last visit, I got to see how they doll up Old Town Alexandria at […]

White House Council on Women and Girls, Women’s Policy, Inc., DateMeDC, Embassy of Iraq, Zouk!

So far, it’s been a great week! Of course, there were more great meetings that have been incredibly helpful and for which I am endlessly grateful.  A number of them thought I should consider making DC my home base.  I’m still pondering but really do love it more here by the minute. White House Council […]

How I Prepare for a New City (AKA: Watch Out, DC!)

Look out, DC, ’cause here I come!  I can’t believe it’s here so quickly! In my lucky life, I’ve had the opportunity to move to new cities several times. With the magic of the internet, it gets easier by the minute!  Here’s how I’ve prepared to have some friends and activities waiting for me when […]

Two More Days…

Now begins the really hard part- saying “goodbye for now” to a lot of wonderful people with whom I’ve been working for several years.  The presents, well-wishes from them and gifted meals, I’m clearly excited about (especially with my $3/day food target thing).  The leaving the relative safety of the corporate world for the next […]