Time Flies When You’re Having Fun… and Packing!

Wow.  What a three-ish weeks! I just got back home yesterday afternoon and have been enjoying hanging out with my dad, mom and dog after a blessedly uneventful drive home yesterday morning and afternoon. What have I been up to?  A lot!  There was a great happy hour with the DC Entrepreneurship Week at a […]

Big Week Coming Up!

After all of the fun news in my last blog post, I’m afraid you’re all going to be disappointed about how lackluster this one is.  After Frosty’s visit and all of our fun, I was totally beat today and got up, went to brunch with a work colleague’s daughter and a friend’s sister, came back, […]

Two More Days…

Now begins the really hard part- saying “goodbye for now” to a lot of wonderful people with whom I’ve been working for several years.  The presents, well-wishes from them and gifted meals, I’m clearly excited about (especially with my $3/day food target thing).  The leaving the relative safety of the corporate world for the next […]