Wow. Here We Go to China?!?! Woo Hoo!!

I’m leaving the house in 5 hours and still working on finalizing packing.  Oddly, clothes are the least of it.  I have about five different power cords that I need to take with me… or choose to.  Whichever. It’s a lot of stuff.)  No, I don’t think I’ll sleep much tonight but that actually works […]

Getting What You Want… Sometimes a Bit Scary

Airport Musings… Did you ever find yourself sitting at the airport wondering what exactly you were doing?  Hopefully, we all have. As I turn it over in my mind, it’s been almost a decade – we’re talking pre-9/11- since I ventured to Europe.  Two things: 1. Given my life circumstances, that is just way too […]

Frosty and Kat Take the Pentagon

The gods of Priceline were kind in my latest endeavour and where did we land?  A HOTEL DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM THE PENTAGON. They really should have charged a fee for the stunning views because they are EVERYWHERE.  You can’t throw a stick without some vision of military-uniform-clad yumminess moseying around.  Except another bit of hotness […]