NYC- Women Entrepreneurs Fest- Punxsutawney, PA Groundhog Festival

Snowy NYC was an interesting spectacle.  And when I say “snowy” I mean Snowpocalypse kind of snowy.  The night before I arrived, 19 inches of snow fell in Central Park. NYC Travel Advice A few differences between NYC and DC that are important, especially when considering the complications of travel:  Difference 1: Escalators in the […]

Ra-leigh, N-C! (and Other Stuff)

Mystery Destination Revealed The mystery destination was Raleigh, NC. I just popped down for a few days to visit my cousin, get prepped for the Women Entrepreneur’s Festival in NYC, and to work on my screenplay. Carrboro, Actually Technically, we are in Carrboro which is a lot like the Short North for the reference of […]

Can it be? Australia, New Zealand and Africa in One Trip?

Holy cow… this is exciting! Assuming our preliminary plans work out, we’re heading to Australia, New Zealand and Africa from about 20 February to 7 March.  Can you say “epic potential”? I knew you could!  I am so going to have to start posting pictures!! If all goes as planned… 20-23 Jan: London 23-27 Jan: […]

Even the Luckiest Woman Gets Colds

Santa was mostly awesome to me this year. Clearly, if I’ve been naughty, I managed to hide it from the Jolly Old Elf.  I always knew that my acting chops (and Tyler Sue can attest to them) would come in handy 😉 Sniffling, Sneezing, Coughing, Aching… The only non-awesome part has been the cold that […]

Here’s Where Things Get All Jet Set…

The next two weeks are going to be incredible! On Tuesday, I head off to NYC for a viewing of TEDWomen with a group in NYC, a very cool meeting on Wednesday morning then off to Boston for Thursday’s Massachusetts Conference for women, business breakfast on Friday then back to DC (I think). At that […]