Shanghai Nights (and Days)… Finally!

I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about not finishing up my China trip with my final report on the one and only Shanghai!  After seeing Suzhou, our driver took us into Shanghai and we met up with our final guide, Alice.  “Like Alice in Wonderland”, as she said. We started off checking out world famous […]

A Few Thoughts on Explorers

While we’ve been wandering China, it occurred to me how lightly I dismissed explorers like Magellan. Real explorers.  Real “go get on a boat and who knows where you’re going and when you might be home, if you might be home, leaving behind everything you know for an utterly unknown world with known and unknown […]

Xi’an and Terra Cotta Warriors (and More Notes on Beijing)

We had a blast in Beijing!  After the Great Wall, we visited the Summer Palace, a pearl factory, the site of the 2008 Olympics, including the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube, went to a market, visited a neighborhood park,  took a hutong tour and also got to have lunch with a local family in the […]