What I Was Trying to Say About Why I Love Turkey…

This author said it completely eloquently: “For people like us, the Middle East is tantalizing. The smell of coffee with cardamom, and of apple tobacco burning in water pipes; the color and touch of carpets and fabrics; the sounds of the muezzin call to prayers and the energy of crazy urban traffic and large desert […]

Travel/Coffee Shop Advice: MVP Tool- Travel Power Adapter/Surge Protector

Of all of the things that have been valuable as I travel, this one is the tops: a Travel Power Adapter/Surge Protector with USB plugs.  You can use one power adapter when you’re overseas and still plug in everything without worrying about it getting blown up by irregular power supplies. It can make space for […]

Cozumel, Mexico… The Great Journey

Frosty’s mom and I tried to meet up with Frosty, freshly returned from a trip, in Detroit’s fabulous airport.  Looking at flight loads, it seemed unlikely we’d make it out but you never know and we were really, really anxious to make it to paradise. In the end, only Frosty could make it on the […]

Getting What You Want… Sometimes a Bit Scary

Airport Musings… Did you ever find yourself sitting at the airport wondering what exactly you were doing?  Hopefully, we all have. As I turn it over in my mind, it’s been almost a decade – we’re talking pre-9/11- since I ventured to Europe.  Two things: 1. Given my life circumstances, that is just way too […]

DC, My Old Friend Dressed in Holiday Finery…

By now, it’s pretty clear that I love DC.  As much as I love it in general, DC is even more striking when twinkling with lights,  bedecked with festive ribbons and pine boughs, and sparkling with silver and gold. During this last visit, I got to see how they doll up Old Town Alexandria at […]